Building between knowledge gaps

Chasing Patterns is a community driven platform that helps drives cross pollination of ideas through knowledge exchanges, meetups and conversations between stakeholders and partners in an ecosystem.

Started by a bunch of enthu cutlets who see the platform as a growing need in the market to know, learn and grow more. To summarize, experiencing more and beyond traditional barriers of learning and growing.

Connecting thought leaders
to learning community

Powering the community to collect together, lead conversations with leaders within the community

The startup landscape changed the way we move into the future. With momentum of change that is driven by the startup revolution, there is a constant need for knowing and learning more to lead better in the work and play lives.

Chasing Patterns wants to break the conventional ties of learning and growing from the idea that learning is one time affair and then onwards is just work. We want to create a world that when the student is ready, there is a way to learn available.

Lets get going!

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Lets get together and make something awesome! Here are our channels that you can be part of!


Chasing Kalaa
Chasing Senses
Chasing Lenses

Chasing Patterns

Chasing Patterns


We all benefit from the system made by leader before us, the only way that the system continues to do that is by creating something back, like a small thank you note!

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As a community platform, we are usually always looking for people who can come and help us with something. If you are interested, we have a place for you!

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Communities need support! If you want to be a part of the community, you can always be a part. We can find a creative way to get you onboard!

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