Community Guidelines

We are designing these community spaces with certain principals in mind. The idea is to create a safe space for talking, understanding and learning about your area of interest.

These community spaces are also not a right of any member or a earned spot. Any person can be removed from the group or added, as per the governing team with or without warning.

Whatsapp Community Guidelines


As humans, its is but natural to feel a part of a community. When we feel like "Doing something" or "Hanging out", it is but now a natural way to ping your friend on whatsapp to chat up with them and maybe get together on something. Likewise, there is a growing need to be in touch with professionals from the same field for as simple as that as a reason.

This group is not so much as a space network, as much as it is a space to pen down your thoughts and ask questions and getting perspectives. Your immediate reaction from the new logo design, to the blog that you have written. Or if you feel, that you need to have some way of talking about what you wish to see profession is.


We don't say that there is a good content or not. But its not a place for self promotion, posting memes and putting content on the latest news on covid. This is a professional space, where people tune in to only listen to one topic.

A simple rule of thumb here is, is this relevant to the group topic and would most people benefit from this post. Usually this works!

If you have a doubt, please contact one of the admins before posting.


  • Share your thoughts, ideas and insights into design through blogs, news and videos or just writeups
  • Ask questions about design, we have senior leadership as well as young designers here who can benefit from your conversations
  • Tell us your feedback and the kind of design talks you would want in Bangalore
  • Share jobs, internships and other opportunity that everyone can benefit from.


  • Dont spam. Post in itself are seldom bad, its the way its put up is.
  • Dont stalk or trouble people. Respect everyone privacy here.
  • Keep things professional. Don't post memes, jokes etc. Just makes the group been taken non-seriously.
  • If arguments break out, politely decline. Report this to the admin so that we can take note of the offence for reference.
  • Share events that you are going to that are relevant to the community

Consequences of
Breaking Community Guidelines

Any kind of abuse or fight between two members would be considered as a offence for both sides no matter who started the argument. In any argument, when it gets heated up, decline and report it to the admin you are touch with in the group. 

Any kind of poaching of the group members, would also be regarded as a offence against the community admins and facilitators.

Breaking the rules would mean expulsion from the groups and any related activities from the group forever. A fair warning would be given wherever possible but its not a guarantee.