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14th April - 13th May


Next week will mark almost a month of quarantine for us. It has been crazy how time has passed us by while we wait for a hopeful tomorrow. Now more than ever is time to come together and shake our feelings of uselessness and despair, join hands to build and share our journey through a medium we all most believe in - Daily Art!

Here's our way of helping all of us keep an art diary to keep our hearts warm and hands busy.

We have put together four themes and daily prompts for 4 weeks. Through these, we will help each other express, provide hope and together envisage a tomorrow.

Basic Structure

This is a 4 week | 30 Prompts Challenge. The idea is to sketch or create an idea or express the idea out more than finishing and fine tuning an idea.

  • There are 4 over-arching themes basis which we made the words.
  • Use the tag & #tags to be seen on the page.
  • To be eligible for feature on the website and goodies with sponsor, we would require a minimum of 3 sketches a week.

Key Pointers

To be a part of the challenge and be eligible for the best entry, following are required:

  1. Tagging @chasing.kalaa & @wacomindia on the image.
  2. Using Hash Tag #chasingpatterns #cpchallenge & #wacomindia
  3. Minimum three entries in a week

Themes & Prompts

Exploring four themes, to transition from self-reflection to growth!


1. The Mundane
2. Essentials & Excesses
3. Sight / Vision
4. Spirit
5. Awakening
6. Moment
7. Beyond


1. Heroic
2. Treasure
3. Dejavu
4. Absurd / Distort
5. Self
6. Embrace
7. Challenge
8. Vivid


1. Magic
2. Escape
3. Circle
4. Serendipity
5. Window
6. Grace
7. Wisdom
8. Promise


1. Shadows
2. Resilience
3. Paths & Perils
4. Resurgence
5. Ambiguity
6. Abundance
7. Zen

Rewards & Goodies

At the end of the session,

  1. We would feature the best of the artworks from the tags along with the artist bio and profile details.
  2. The the top two would receive the gift goodies bag from WACOM.


  • This is an open challenge and all participating artists and Illustrators must ensure that only original work is shared, not ones derived or modified from other artists
  • The artworks and rights to sale of the artworks is always with the artist, but chasing patterns would use the artworks to promote future similar event and participating would mean that you are allowing us to do so as well.
  • We are no way using the illustration for sale or selling to anyone.

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